March Bible quiz

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  1. Why did the midwives refuse to obey Pharaoh`s order to kill the Hebrew baby boys?
  2. Where did the ark land after the flood receded?
  3. What feast celebrates Esther`s triumph over Haman: Pentecost, Passover, or Purim?
  4. What did Jacob give to Joseph to show he was his favourite son?
  5. Does the Bible say that Joseph was a carpenter or is it tradition?
  6. Were Tyre and Sidon inland cities, or coastal cities?
  7. True or False: The Bible says Jesus was in such agony in the garden that He bled as he prayed.
  8. In Jesus` parable, what did the enemy sow among the wheat?
  9. Name the Jewish sorcerer who was temporarily blinded when he opposed Paul and Barnabas: Bar-Joseph, Bar-Jacob, or Bar-Jesus?
  10. Did Paul go to Rome on one of his missionary journeys?
  11. What did Jude want his readers to contend earnestly for?
  12. Paul told the Roman and Galatian churches they were to give how much money how often?
  13. How does a man guard his soul?


(answers next month)

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