April 2016

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  • 3rd:  Andy King
  • 10th: John Lavric
  • 17th: John Lavric
  • 24th: Andy King
  • 1st May: John


Bible study groups:

  • Every Wednesday at Glen & Debbies, 7.30pm
  • Every Thursday at Margarets, 10.30am
  • 8th & 15th  at Andy & Karens, 7.30pm


Mens prayer breakfasts, all at 7.00am

  • 2nd at Glen’s
  • 16th at Paul’s
  • 7th May at Steve’s
  • 21st May at Andy’s


Prayer meetings:

Every Sunday at 7pm at Ann’s


Ashgrove Service at 2.30pm on Tuesday 19th April


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