May Bible quiz (& last month’s answers)

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 May Bible Quiz

  1. Who died last: Miriam, Aaron, or Moses?
  2. The rebuilder of what city would come under a curse from the Lord?
  3. In his dream, Nebuchadnezzar saw: a metallic statue, a raging fire, or a toppled idol?
  4. What name of God did Moses learn at the burning bush?
  5. Who`s house was Jesus in when Mary poured perfume over his head?
  6. Where did Simon and Andrew fish?
  7. Did John tell Jesus not to wash his feet?
  8. While some said of Jesus, “He is good”, what did others say He was doing?
  9. Who had some of John the Baptist`s disciples at Ephesus never heard of?
  10. “Come over to ………….. and help us”, said a man in Paul`s vision?
  11. When the Lord comes down from Heaven, who did Paul say would rise?
  12. What church was becoming divisive, saying I follow Paul, or I follow Peter?
  13. What does envy do to the body?



Answers to last month`s quiz – (How did you do?)

  1. Abel (Gen 4:8)
  2. The desert of Sinai (Num 9:1)
  3. His transgressions (of God`s law) (Ps 51:1)
  4. The sandal (Ruth 4:7)
  5. A boy with an evil spirit (Mk 9:18)
  6. False. He also lived in Capernaum. (Matt 4:13)
  7. The backed up and fell down. (John 18:6)
  8. Good news.
  9. Christians (1 Cor 4:13)
  10. Into the lake of fire (Rev 20:10,15)
  11. All will be persecuted. (2 Tim 3:12)
  12. Examine yourself. (1 Cor 11:28)
  13. He becomes wise. (Prov 13:20)


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