Reality Check Autumn 2021

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It is important for us as Christians in these days to be aware of what is happening in our society. What follows is sobering but important. It may come as something of a surprise to some, though it shouldn’t come as a surprise since as a fellowship we have often been warning of the dark times we are in. It’s important we are awake to these things, but equally important that we maintain our focus and trust in the Lord and in His Word. It’s His agenda of His return that is the real bigger picture.

This article is an attempt to shine a light where none exists if your only source of news is the mainstream media, ie if you only hear of what is happening from the BBC or ITV etc. When you scratch the surface, it becomes clear there are serious issues that we should be aware of. Jesus said concerning the end-times: ‘Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.’ Luke 21:36. And in Mark 13:22: ‘Take heed, watch and pray, for you do not know when the time is.’ I believe we have entered into a new phase of the end-times since January 2020.

As Bible-believing Christians we know the Word of God says that in the end-times there will arise a ‘beast empire’ that will dominate the globe prior to the physical return of the Lord Jesus. It will be a time of great difficulty and tribulation and a time of global control, so that to stand as a believer in Christ will result in persecution and likely martyrdom. It will eventually be a time when you cannot buy or sell unless you submit to taking the ‘mark of the beast’. We know the Bible says these things, and we also know we are living in the end-times today. Yet we have difficulty in believing those things can happen in our lifetimes, or indeed even that the loss of freedoms we have witnessed in the last 18 months or so could be the beginning of those things.

Yet here we are, in the Autumn of 2021 having witnessed a huge change take place in our world since the beginning of 2020, and having endured in this country the biggest loss of freedoms in living memory. We are over 18 months into the global Covid 19 pandemic. Whatever the nature of the origin of this virus, it is clear it has been used to advance a global agenda that far outweighs the nature of a virus and far exceeds national borders. Many believe this agenda is driven by organisations such as the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum, and others, who openly promote a globalist agenda. Remember ‘3 weeks to flatten the curve’? No, what it shows us is there is a globalist agenda playing out which goes well beyond the nature of a pandemic, demonstrated by the moves to introduce vaccine passports as a means of social control across many nations, and the authoritarian nature of responses in many nations, although thankfully there are exceptions. We have had pandemics in the past, but none have resulted in the changes we are witnessing today.

So much of what is happening is not being covered by the mainstream media. Newsworthy events that do not fit with this agenda are either delegitimised or simply not reported at all. For instance, the tens of thousands of people regularly protesting the policies of lockdown over the last few months. Or the level of adverse reactions to the vaccines people are being coerced into having in order to pursue a normal life. Or the scientists, professors and doctors who have spoken out but have been censored. Many have been pressured to not speak out at all. Why is this? Why would these things be if it was all genuine?

Below there are various videos and articles from doctors, scientists, other professionals and still others with first-hand accounts of what they have either experienced or have witnessed. These videos and articles tell their own story and should make us take notice and realise things are not what they seem. Watch, read and judge for yourselves.

Let me try to summarise things: there are three main categories as I see it: the virus and original response (the actual virus, pandemic, the response of lockdowns etc); the vaccines (actually experimental gene-modifying treatments); and the coercion for everybody to have it, including children, the move to so-called vaccine passports as a means of control.

It is the contention of many that the effects of the virus, although real, were exaggerated and the stats inflated to create more of an emergency than it actually was, in order to justify the rapid introduction of ‘vaccines’ that were far from properly tested, that don’t actually prevent catching the virus and don’t stop the spreading of the virus. To then mandating that everybody must have the vaccines in order to be able to access daily life, the control mechanism for which is an app on your phone which basically becomes a medical passport.

Let’s look at these areas of concern and as we go through we will hear from experts and first hand witnesses:

The danger of the virus has been exaggerated. The average age of death from Covid is over 80 years old. The survivability rate is better than for many other conditions. The difference of dying ‘with Covid’ compared to ‘of Covid’ is significant. The statistics have been deliberately skewed to give the impression the problem is greater than it actually is. For instance, someone diagnosed with Covid but recovers and then is hit by a bus within 28 days is classed as a Covid death.

In this video from November 2020, Dr Mike Yeadon, former head of research at Pfizer, states his concerns from a scientific point of view concerning the testing for Covid19:

The issue of statistical integrity is also questioned in this article by an independent statistician. It states he looked at more than 160,000 admissions via the Emergency Department of a busy hospital. His analysis shows that, for an unnamed NHS trust, between 1 January 2021 and 13 June 2021, of the 2,102 admissions coded as Covid-19, only 9.7% (204) had any supporting diagnosis of symptomatic disease. For the remaining 90.3% (1,899) there was no discernible, clinical reason to describe them as Covid-19 patients.’

The survival rate of contracting this virus is very high, yet we are pressured into receiving an experimental vaccine which has a growing list of adverse reactions, including blood clots, strokes and deaths.

The Office for National Statistics own figures, for England and Wales between March and June 2020 (the main period of the pandemic) for deaths from Covid-19 by people with no underlying health conditions shows a total of 4476 people of all ages.


By contrast, a bad flu year can have many thousands of deaths from flu, like the winter of 2014/15 (28000 flu deaths in England) and 2017/2018 (26000 flu deaths in England).


That contrasts very sharply with the sensationalising of inflated figures on a daily basis by the media throughout 2020 and into this year.

There are many doctors and scientists who take major issue with the official narrative and agenda. There has been censorship of professional voices, of scientists, doctors, nurses, that differ from the official line put forth by the Government and by the media. For instance, Dr John Lee, a retired Professor of Pathology connected with the Hart Group has said

A lot of what people have come to regard as clear scientific consensus over the last year is nothing of the sort. The voices of scientists with different views have simply not been heard.”

Many of these have been pressured to not speak out or else lose their jobs and careers, and many have have indeed experienced losing their jobs and careers for doing so. Why is this, when the nature of scientific advancement is all about debate, unless there is another agenda at play?

Here is a video of Dr Roger Hodkinson on the lies being reported as news:

And here is another video of him in interview with Anna Brees from June 2021:

Here is the testimony from Prof. Julie Ponesse on the ethics of forcing people to take an experimental vaccine against their will. She was subsequently dismissed from her role of Professor of Ethics.

The vaccine is actually not a traditional vaccine. It has been rightly called a gene therapy treatment. It is still experimental, it is in clinical trials until 2023. The usual testing procedure was cut short and it received emergency authorisation only. In tests on animals, it created pathogenic enhancement when they were presented with the wild virus resulting in deaths and the tests were stopped. So in effect, the experiment is now being conducted on the human population, and the adverse effects are the result.

Furthermore on the ethics front, there is evidence the mRNA vaccines either have been manufactured from stem cell lines originating from aborted babies or have been tested using such stem cell lines. (These are not the cells themselves, but cells grown in a laboratory based on aborted fetal cells collected many years ago.) More here

More information available here

And here

Many doctors and scientists are calling for the vaccination programme to be stopped, but their voices are either censored or ignored. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi from Doctors for Covid Ethics states in this video that ‘what we are witnessing is one of the most fascinating experiments that could lead to massive auto-immune disease’.

The numbers of adverse reactions to the vaccines are alarmingly high. The MHRA (Medical and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) Yellow Card scheme record of adverse reactions typically measures only a fraction of the actual numbers, yet they are nonetheless alarmingly high. To date (data available up to 22 Sept 2021) there have been 1.2m reactions and 1672 fatalities in the UK from the vaccine. (The real figure is likely to be much higher, as the rules for measuring this are unrealistically tight, whereas the rules for measuring Covid-19 infections are unrealistically lax).


Here is a first-hand testimony from a funeral director in Milton Keynes, of what he has witnessed himself, his own experience and conclusions. Since going public he has been suspended from the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors.

So-called vaccine passports have been decried by many as illiberal and coercive, and even our government has said they are ‘unBritish’. Yet Wales will be introducing such a scheme this month, and the UK Government has contracts in place to use them when they decide they are needed. Vaccine passports, the Covid Pass, or whatever name they use, are a form of medical digital ID cards on a mobile phone, so that in effect you have to ‘show your papers’ to access things like large events, football matches and night-clubs.

The point is they can be expanded to include whatever the government decide they want to include, such as annual or bi-annual boosters etc, and they are a step towards a social control system. A vaccine passport doesn’t give you back the freedoms lost, it licences back the freedoms lost, and these licences can be cancelled whenever the government decides.

Be aware that the ‘mark of the beast’ in Revelation 13, the future system where people will not be able to buy or sell without this mark, will also be a social control system. And the step from a vaccine passport being an app on your phone to it being on a chip under your skin (if indeed that is what the mark will be) is only a small technological step.

Here is a first-hand testimony of a family in Lithuania of life under a forced vaccine passport scheme. Vaccine passports were introduced there earlier in September. It is a chilling foretaste of life under vaccine passports.

Link to article

I, and many other Christian leaders, have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister underlining our opposition to any vaccine passport scheme. The letter is here (signatories are searchable by name and location).

And there’s an article about it here:

I said at the introduction to this article that many believe this agenda is driven by organisations such as the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum, and others, who openly promote a globalist agenda. Just a word about them:

Bill Gates is on record as promoting a global policy of population reduction:

The WEF promote the Forth Industrial Revolution, which involves trans-humanism and a communist philosophy of ‘you will own nothing and be happy’. They promote the Great Reset agenda that many western leaders quote from when they talk about ‘building back better’. These are the globalists behind the meetings at Davos that so many political leaders, billionaires and leaders of industry attend on an annual basis. These are the groups, and no doubt others, driving the agenda we see at play over this last two years.

We haven’t even touched on the issues of Big Tech (the big 6 of Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Apple) which dominates online activity worldwide, or the issues of Big Pharma and other multi-national companies, who have all benefited massively financially through this time, and other important issues.

I mentioned there are exceptions earlier. Sweden, and to a lesser extent the other Scandinavian nations, Norway, and Denmark. Sweden in particular took a different route than lockdowns, they stuck to the original historic pandemic reaction policies and yet they have had better outcomes. The same can be said for places like Texas and Florida in the US, who realised the folly of lockdowns etc and changed courses. And the contrast is stark between the neighbour states of North Dakota (which implemented draconian restrictions) and South Dakota (which didn’t, throughout the period) – the patterns are remarkably similar, showing human intervention in the virus actually made no difference at all. But none of that fits the narrative so it doesn’t make the news you will read or hear about on the mainstream media.

As believers we know the Bible says the world has to lurch into the tribulation period before the second coming of the Lord Jesus can happen. We know this is coming at some stage. It seems to me, and to many others, that what we are witnessing in our world is part of that process. There has been a step change since the beginning of 2020. The return of the Lord will happen, but so will the tribulation period. We need to be ‘watching and praying’, as the Lord says, quoted earlier, so we are ‘not caught unawares’ as to the times we are in here and now.

There is much more material that could have been mentioned and cited, but for your own research you can look up people on the following list, in addition to those already mentioned earlier. There are many others, too many to mention:

Dr Clare Craig, Dr Tess Laurie, Dr Simone Gold, Dr Carl Heneghan, Prof. Sunetra Gupta, Dr Peter McCullough

(link to in-depth interview with Dr Peter McCullough covering many issues here)

And the following links to recommended websites:

The Great Barrington Declaration (which has over 860,00 signatures)

Doctors for Covid Ethics

The Hart Group

America’s Frontline Doctors

The Expose



I have also included below my Twitter feed, on which I ‘like’ various items which have relevance, so that there is a record which can be viewed. You can scroll through these to pick up on many comments and quotes on these subjects.

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