May 2016

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Last week the Thursday group finished our study of Romans. We started it last year so we certainly haven`t rushed. Mind you our effort pales into insignificance compared to Dr. D Martyn Lloyd-Jones who took thirteen years to preach his expository sermons on Romans. I know sometimes we digressed from the passage we were studying but mostly we stuck to what Paul wrote.

When we had completed the study, we decided to read right through the letter the way it would have been received by the Roman believers to whom Paul wrote it. Why do I mention this? Because it is something we so rarely do. We are so busy trying to sort out the detail we miss the wonderful sweep of the message. It was a real blessing for me to listen as we took it in turns to read a chapter each. Romans is the finest treatise of the Christian faith, but listening to it, I heard the heart of a man who loved them even though he never met them. Each of us said how much the reading of the whole letter, had not only cemented what we had learned through the study, but also seen the whole letter from a wider perspective. We are looking forward to the next study! Can I encourage anyone who isn`t in a study group to join one. You will be blessed!   Read the rest of this entry »