The peace that dare not speak its name: untold story of Arab-Jewish reconciliation.

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Mosab Yousef, speaking at the UN last week

I saw this video this week, shared on Facebook by a congregational leader in Israel. It is of a former Muslim terrorist, the son of a Hamas leader & founder, speaking out at the UN on behalf of Israel, no less!

This amazingly courageous young man, Mosab Hassan Yousef, is now a believer in Jesus, and he recently spoke at the UN Human Rights Council on behalf of UN Watch, a non-governmental organisation. He speaks out from his own experience against the lies and atrocities perpetrated by the Palestinian Authority against the Palestinian population.

By doing so he will be clearly aware he is placing his own life in great danger of reprisal and murder, as he also is a Muslim who has converted to faith in Jesus as Lord and Saviour. It’s a fascinating video.

The article in which the video is linked cites a lack of Western media integrity in reporting such atrocities (as described by Mosab Yousef in the video), actually contributes to the ongoing political impasse in Middle Eastern politics.

Please pray for this young man, for the Lord’s protection on him, and for his message to receive widespread distribution.




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