A Gateway to our Soul

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A poem by Julie Sanderson


Eyes – all glossy and bright, with no physical vision but can see in the night

Eyes – awakened with a new spiritual sight

Eyes – illuminating, like beacons, bringing others into the light

Eyes – all glazed over, looking sick or so tired, evidence of loss or grief

or the days energy expired.

Eyes – full of tears that tell a story of pain, like being caught in the mist or lost in the rain

Eyes – that yearn to be understood or forgiven

Eyes – that show mercy just as Jesus has given


The eyes are the gateway to a person’s soul so let them not go unnoticed.

Showing the love of our Saviour can help another become whole.

For the bright, the lost, the sick and those confused and abused,

both the eyes and the soul ONLY JESUS RENEWS.


He brings the TRUTH, the WAY and the LIFE.

He walks with us through joy, trouble and strife.

Yes, the eyes are the gateway to our soul.

If we allow him to enter and let His ways be our goal,

He will guide us and love us and bring us back home.


We can find rest and peace and never feel alone,

if we’ll allow Him to be our Bridge of stepping stones.

COME HOLY SPIRIT give me a fresh start,

please help me to see and bring me a new heart.

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