Afghanistan update

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A a church we are giving a financial gift to the relief work going on in Afghanistan, particularly for believers but to others also. We will share more details in our next service, but I thought it worthwhile to provide the following links for information and to help us pray more specifically for the ongoing situation.

The first is from Joel Richardson, he is connected to Frontier Alliance International and Global Catalytic Ministries, both being missions ministries to the underground churches in the Middle East and Central Asia, and he provides insight into the help being provided as well as a Biblical overview of what is happening in Afghanistan (32 minutes 17 seconds, from August 27th).

Then there are two short videos, first from Fox News, which quotes the work of GCM and information from them (3 minutes 25 seconds, from August 24th), and then from Afghani refugees arriving in Albania, (1 minute 8 seconds, from September 3rd).

Bless you