Seventy Weeks

Daniel 9 (part 3)

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Speaker: Dr Annang   Date 5th April 2020


Welcome to our online ‘service’. Once again during this period of lockdown we are having to refrain from meeting together as we would normally do, but today we are blessed to have our dear friend Dr Annang minister the word for us. It is very much appreciated that he has been able to take the time to speak to us during what is no doubt a very pressured and difficult time for him.

It’s a message I have personally been very much looking forward to, the wonderful Seventy Weeks passage from Daniel 9. I’ve also included a worship video from Casting Crowns, a live version of At Calvary, which I trust will be a blessing also.

Finally from me, Wednesday evening this week sees the beginning of Passover, and I hope to be able to post a message on Christ our Passover Lamb then.

The Lord bless you,

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The timing of the Lord’s return (part 1)

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Jesus’ first coming to earth, as prophesied in the Old Testament and recorded in the Gospels, and His second coming, His return to earth as King of Kings, are the greatest events of history by far.

Of course, we cannot know the time of the Lord’s return, but we can have an understanding of the overall scope of His return. Indeed I believe it’s essential we have a clear understanding of the principle elements and time-frames, otherwise we will be in danger of deception. And  both the Lord Jesus and the apostle Paul, in speaking of these things, warn us not to be deceived concerning the end times.

Listen to part 1 of this study here:

Look Up

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This week I read a cluster of news articles that could have been taken directly from the plot of my 2012 end-times novel, Seventy Weeks. These were not the main headlines most of us will have seen – the missile firing of North Korea nor the latest terrorist atrocity on the London Tube. No, these were a little more disguised but seriously relevant, nonetheless.

I mention them because, as Christians, we need to be aware of what is going in our world today. These things are road-signs as to where we are and where we are heading.

Following the launch this week of Apple’s iPhone 8 smartphone, which is able to identify the user using the latest facial recognition technology , the Daily Telegraph ran this piece about the benefits of ‘Big Data’. However, it included the following significant comment:

We are now only a few years away from the day when facial recognition technology will be sufficiently advanced that, whenever we walk down a street, networks of CCTV cameras, public as well as private, will immediately recognise us. Databases of people’s faces will be created and used for commercial as well as law and order purposes.”

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