The Ascension

The Significance of the Ascension

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WelcomeGood morning! Thankfully we are seeing the begnnings of the easing of the lockdown, and hopefully we can begin to look forward to recommencing our services sometime soon. However, that still may not be until July, another six weeks away. So until then let us continue to encourage and stay in touch with one another, looking how we may help where help may be needed.

This week, on Thursday, is Ascension Day, forty days since Resurrection Sunday. So in our message below we are looking at the significance of that event. Firstly, we have a praise video from Jerusalem, ‘Great is the Lord’, with Paul Wilbur and Sarah Lieberman (the Hebrew sections are repeated in English). It’s a very joyful song, and one that reflects the victory of the Ascension, the event that concluded Jesus’ earthly ministry and set the pattern for His return.

Bless you, Andy.

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This Same Jesus

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Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever! Hebs 13:8

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Declarations of fact, regardless of what situation I am in or how I’m feeling:

  • The Word of our God stands forever! Isaiah 40:8
  • The Mercy of the LORD endures forever! Psalm 118:1

May 2017

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