Prophetic warning for Britain

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Sculpture of a woman riding a beast outside the EU Council buildings in Brussels. A reference to Revelation 17?

With the approaching EU referendum, it’s important for us to pray into how the Lord would have us vote and to seek His face on this hugely important event. I came across the following prophecy on the Christian Friends of Israel website and also on The Truth of Judgement Day website. I quote from the latter sites introduction:

“These prophetic words are very timely with our EU referendum approaching! We are convinced we are in the last day and that God’s wrath is going to be poured out on an unbelieving and rebellious world – this is not scare tactics, only a sober reality. The EU could play a leading part in the end-time script and we need to determine whether we want to be part of a union that will almost certainly act against Israel. If/when this happens all member nations will be culpable for standing against God’s chosen land. Whatever your view on this prophecy, find out more about the EU and pray for God’s guidance with the future choices we will make.” Read the rest of this entry »