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The Life and Times of Elijah and Elisha (4): Fire and Rain

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Fire and Rain, Andy King, 30 January 2022

Welcome to the audio from our service today. We continued in our series looking at the life of Elijah. Before that there are two worship videos, the first from Casting Crowns, Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me), and secondly City Alight, Ancient of Days.

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Look Up for your Salvation is Near

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Good morning all, the Lord bless you! Our worship video today is the West Coast Choir singing Because He lives (Amen) by Matt Maher.

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Creation Sunday

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Here are some brief and basic notes from this morning’s look at the case for Creation. The CD recording of both Glen and Steve’s testimonies, and the short message I brought, will be available next Sunday.



We declare God is the Creator!! Hebs.11:3, Psalm 8 & Psalm 19. All the beautiful portrayals of Creation (such as Blue Planet) should give glory to the Creator, instead they rob Him of His glory by attributing the wonders of creation to a false god, the god of evolution (evolution requires faith to believe it!). Evolution is not provable, it is only a theory, yet it is consistently presented as fact in the media. The Biblical description of history (Creation, the Flood) clearly provide an alternative, credible account for how things are as they are.

There are many resources available on a wide variety of subjects, such as the flood, dinosaurs, carbon dating, fossils, millions of years etc, on the Answers in Genesis website.

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